Circle of Strength 2019 Results

September 26, 2019 Nearly 230 incredible women gathered on September 21 for The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center's (NCC) 18th Annual Circle of Strength Luncheon to raise money for financially fragile…

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Spear’s Pool Deck Party

September 18, 2019   Every year, personal trainer Jolene Spear throws a pool deck party for her fitness clients, and another one for her neighbors. This year, Spear decided she…

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Spear’s Pool Deck Party
Photo by Toni Cuenca on Unsplash

Gratitude Over Happiness

Originally posted on The Wandering Writer Blog by Anna Ferguson on September 5, 2019. Shared with permission by the author. September 18, 2019 I think J.K. Rowling had it right when…

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“Free” Money

August 22, 2019 Is there really such a thing as "free money?" In the non-profit world, there is! There are lots of ways to donate to NCC - read on…

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Screen Saver

A Guide for Parents Raising Kids in the Tech Age   August 12, 2019 A hot topic in developmental psychology is how much screen time to allow kids, and for…

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Screen Saver
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