You are preparing for one of the most important relationships in your life.
Our Marriage Preparation Program will help you and your partner build a
solid foundation for your future, focused on mutual understanding, respect
and support. Together with our trained counselors, we will work with you to
further strengthen your friendship, enhance your intimacy, develop
empowering, healing patterns of communication and ultimately prepare you
for a life of love, shared goals and values.

Choose from one of three options:

Couples Sessions

In four private sessions with a therapist (certified in using the Prepare/Enrich inventory), you and your partner will: navigate marriage expectations; identify strengths and growth areas; learn ways to reinforce strong communication skills and techniques to resolve conflicts; recognize and manage major life stressors; develop a more balanced relationship; begin to understand differences in our habits; and maximize teamwork in our relationship roles.

Couples Workshops

This option allows the couple to meet with other engaged couples in a group setting.  The workshop is facilitated by trained therapists, providing an introduction to important topics such as finances, rituals, continuing to date, growing old together and more.

Couples Sessions plus Workshops


This option combines both individual sessions and the workshop. It is the most comprehensive of our marriage preparation options, and couples consistently tell us they greatly benefit from the two experiences.