How to Help

All donations are tax-deductible. Tax ID 93-1088962.


Your generosity changes lives!  Nearly half of those turning to NCC for help have no insurance or financial resources.  By making a tax-deductible donation, you can provide mental health care to those who are struggling most. For example:

Provide one counseling session for a single mother.
Provide one counseling session for a single mother.
Bring a grief counselor to a school classroom that has lost a teacher, parent or student.
Bring a grief counselor to a school classroom that has lost a teacher, parent or student.
Offer a workshop on depression to low-income clients.
Offer a workshop on depression to low-income clients.
Assure a month of care for a child after the suicide of a parent.
Assure a month of care for a child after the suicide of a parent.
Provide trauma-informed care in Spanish to a recent asylum seeker.
Provide trauma-informed care in Spanish to a recent asylum seeker.
Bring a full year of mental health care to a lower-income family.
Bring a full year of mental health care to a lower-income family.
Help remodel a clinical office to better serve the special needs of children.
Help remodel a clinical office to better serve the special needs of children.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser for NCC

When our supporters create a Facebook Fundraiser for us, our mission and message can reach so many more people. Facebook usually encourages users to create a fundraiser in honor of their birthday – but you can create one any time! NCC receives the full donation directly from Facebook. Many charitable giving sites have fees, but Facebook does not charge any fees for donations made to non-profit fundraisers.

Starting a Facebook Fundraiser is simple – follow their step-by-step instructions here.

To make the most out of your Facebook Fundraiser, here are some tips:

Write your story

Make a compelling case of why your friends would want to donate to support NCC’s work. Tell your own mental health story – and why it’s important to support local mental health agencies. How has NCC helped you move forward?

Be clear about your timeline

Choose a period of time (suggested time is 2-4 weeks). When you post periodically, this allows more of your community to see the fundraiser and gives them more time to contribute.

Do make a specific ask

Make a goal for yourself. Make specific asks each post. You can decide the amount based on your goal – but think big!

Post once or twice per week

Post within the fundraiser itself so it can gain more traction. You can use materials from our Giving Tuesday Toolkit like infographics and client stories.

Invite your friends to donate

There is a button to invite your friends to donate – and they will receive a notification that you’ve invited them. Sometimes friends don’t see the fundraiser in their newsfeed, so this is a good way to make your connections aware of your fundraiser. You can invite them all at once, or spread the invitations throughout the month – it’s up to you!

Help NCC thank your friends!

Friends and family will click on your fundraiser, which will ask them if they’d like to be contacted by NCC. You can decide whether to encourage them to do so or not (note that it’s easier for use to thank them directly if they do!). A good option is to connect with them separately, thank them for the gift, let them know that the gift is tax deductible – and offer to pass along their contact information to NCC so we can provide them with a tax receipt.

Example: “Hello, Ciara! Your donation to NCC means so much to me – thank you! The donation is tax deductible, so if you would like to me to share your contact info with NCC to get a tax receipt, I am happy to do so. Thanks again!”

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Become a Faithful Friend

Faithful Friends are a growing group of supporters who give regularly to NCC, making a difference year-round. You can choose monthly, quarterly or annually. By becoming a Faithful Friend, you know each day you’re assisting an elderly man struggling with depression or a mother trying to keep her children safe in an abusive relationship. You’ll also get special updates from us on how your donation is helping.

It’s easy to set up and automatic. You can donate through a regular debit from your checking account or by credit card. Just choose the method that works for you. Email [email protected] to get started or for more information. Thanks for becoming a Faithful Friend!!

English Forms
Spanish Forms
  • Coming soon

Friends, Fun, and Feeling Good!

Looking for an excuse to spend time with good friends? Have a birthday coming up? Want to help out but don’t know how? Host a Party with Purpose!!

This fun program helps you host a get together with friends while helping bring needed mental health to those in need. At the same time, you are educating people about the importance of mental health services.

You can plan any party you like – big or small, elaborate or simple. NCC gives you a step by step guide to putting your party together and provides lots of support along the way. Click the links below to download the guide:

Learn more and view examples hereQuestions? Just email [email protected].

Planned Giving

Leave a Lasting Legacy

By including NCC in your estate plans, you can ensure all who need mental health care can get it, regardless of faith or finances. There are many ways to leave a legacy, including putting NCC in your will or trust, making the Center a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or an IRA, or creating a charitable lead trust. We encourage you to work with your attorney, financial advisor, CPA or insurance broker to include NCC in your overall financial plan.

For sample bequest language, click here:

  • English: WordPDF
  • Spanish: Coming soon

We’d love to welcome you to our Legacy Circle! Once you have made a decision about a planned gift, you can send a short Declaration of Support to NCC. This allows us to properly thank you for your generosity and enroll you in our Legacy Circle. These are just suggestions – your legal or financial advisor may have other language tailored to your situation.

For sample Declaration of Support, click here:

  • English: WordPDF
  • Spanish: Coming soon

For more information about planned giving, go to our Planned Giving webpage, or email Erin at [email protected] or call her at 503-253-0964.

Make Shopping Count!

You can support our services through Amazon and Fred Meyer.

amazonsmile-blog fred-meyer-cr
Start your Amazon shopping at On your first visit, select Northwest Catholic Counseling as your preferred charitable organization. Amazon will then donate 0.5% of every eligible purchase to NCC. Link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to NCC to earn donations and still earn points. It’s free! Go to and select “Community Rewards” at the bottom of the page. Click on “Link your Rewards Card Now.” Choose VG409 and start helping today!



Donate Stock!

It’s easy to give a gift of stock! The forms below (the same in both PDF and Word formats) have all the information you, your broker, and NCC need.

  • English: WordPDF
  • Spanish: Coming soon

Questions? Just email [email protected].

Vehicle Donation

You can donate a car, boat, motor home, even an airplane!  It’s easy, and our partners at Charity Connections, operated by Volunteers of America (VOA), will make sure you get the maximum value for your donation.  Simply download the Vehicle Donation Form below and email it to [email protected]:

Vehicle donations to The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center (NCC) are facilitated by VOA.  View NCC’s partnership on VOA’s webpage here. After receiving your completed intake form, NCC will forward the information to VOA, who will then contact you to make arrangements for your vehicle donations.  This may include towing, if necessary.  For their services, VOA receives a fee from the vehicle sale proceeds, and the balance is retained by NCC to fund counseling services for clients without insurance or limited financial resources.

For more information about VOA’s donation process, visit their webpage here, call 503-235-8655, or email [email protected]. 

Wish List

As a nonprofit, there are many items and services we could use.  All donations help us spend more of our money to the low-income clients who need counseling. Please contact [email protected] if you can assist securing any of the following items:

For Clients

• Earbuds with a microphone

• Packs of card games, particularly UNO

• Fidget toys

Office Supplies

• Regular Coffee and Tea

• Keurig cups (both coffee and tea)

• NEW microwave

• Standard 8.5 x 11 white copy paper

• U.S. Postage Stamps

• #10 envelopes

Computer Monitors

• 24″ or 28″ monitors

Flatscreen TV

• 28″, 32″, 42″, or 85″ television

Mac Computers

• Two new mac minis

WordPress Help

• A whiz at WordPress? We need help on more complex webpage design and keeping security up-to-date. Email Erin Peters at [email protected].

Waiting Room Expansion

• As more people come to NCC, our waiting room is getting increasingly crowded. We are in the exploration stage for an expansion, so if you or someone you know might be interested in donating time, money, expertise, or materials, please email Erin Peters at [email protected]. Some of the areas of potential need are construction, carpeting, and furnishings.

Workplace Giving

Some employers offer easy giving through payroll deduction.  Some will even match your donation, up to doubling your gift.  Ask your company’s human resources office, personnel department or community relations office if they have workplace giving and matching gift programs in place.

Sometimes NCC needs to register with a company to receive matching donations. Contact us at [email protected] to let us know what steps to take to be able to receive donations!