Anger, Rage, and Technology

Addiction to anger is being fed by some of our most widely used technologies.

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Anger, Rage, and Technology
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The Benefits of Profanity

Worried about using profanity in your therapy session? It may help you open up.

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What’s Lurking Behind Anger?

August 6, 2018 Over the years, I have been met with significant resistance when mentioning to clients that events don’t make us angry but the way we think about the…

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Anger and Growing Up

July 30, 2018 I come from a passionate, Irish heritage.  We said what was on our minds.  It wasn’t until later that I learned that not all families were like…

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Anger Gets a Bum Rap

July 16, 2018 If anger is an emotion like happy, sad and glad, why does it have such a bad reputation?  Before answering that we need a definition.  Like all…

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