Generous Gift

May 9, 2017 We try and make the NCC fundraising events fun, and occasionally, without realizing it, we do more than that. Several years ago, Ron George and JoAnne Paxton…

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Generous Gift
Diane Millemann tries to talk Ron George into buying beads during the 2014 Swing Into Spring

Political Stress? You’re Not Alone

May 5, 2017 It turns out the vast majority of people are struggling, just like you. A recent article by prominent clinical psychologist and author Dr. Michael Yapko shares the details:…

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Cleanup Drive Cleans Up!

The NCC community donated quite a haul as part of the March cleanup supply drive! Staff, board members, clients, and supporters all contributed to the effort help refugee families in…

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Cleanup Drive Cleans Up!
Cleanup drive leader Nyssa Howell (back) shows off the haul with NCC cofounder Sr. Sarah Deeby.

Building a Happy Stepfamily

The stepfamily is a special kind of family. The backgrounds and lived experiences each person brings to the stepfamily should be valued. Although enriching, it can also be very challenging.…

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Cleanup Drive for Refugee Families

February 21, 2017 At NCC, we believe compassion and collaboration help us provide hope and acceptance to all people, regardless of social, economic or religious circumstances. It is more important…

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Tuning In AKA Attunement

January 27, 2017 Think about a time when someone really ‘got’ how you were feeling. It may have been a time when you were feeling terrible. Maybe you were angry,…

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