Fun and Fundraising at Circle of Strength

October 25, 2016 The Circle of Strength grew another 220 women on Saturday as part of the 15th annual women's fundraising brunch. The October 22 event included brunch, speakers, and…

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Fun and Fundraising at Circle of Strength
Circle of Strength speaker Amy Pachelli (left) with NCC staff member Melissa Nelson.

Circle of Strength Almost Here!

October 12, 2016 There's sill time to sign up for the Circle of Strength Women's Fundraising Brunch on October 22! We'd love to see you. Click here for more information.

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Living with SAD

October 7, 2016 Are you one of the many people in the northwest experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder? This mild form of depression usually begins in the late fall and lingers…

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Count Her In

September 30, 2016 The Women's Foundation of Oregon just released a report called "Count Her In" (see the full report here). It reveals some very sad statistics about women in…

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Together for Peace

September 19, 2016 The United Nations has asked all peoples to unite in prayer and action for peace throughout the world. Ending the numerous “official wars” is often what comes…

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Wisdom to Share

September 6, 2016 We are delighted to welcome Marcy Cottrell Houle as our speaker at this year's Circle of Strength Women's Fundraising Brunch on October 22! Marcy is a biologist…

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30 Pints for 30 Years

August 17, 2016 Providing professional affordable counseling for all people regardless of faith or finances is a community effort. So is meeting the critical need for blood donations. As one way…

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Thank you, Jerry!

August 17, 2016 NCC recognized the dedicated service of Jerry Bitz this week at the Board of Directors meeting. Jerry finished his third three-year term and is rotating off the…

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Thank you, Jerry!
Jerry Bitz (center) is surrounded by members of the NCC Board of Directors, from left Sr. Sarah Deeby, Executive Director Erin Peters, Kyle Eilenfeldt, Christine Tracey, Rich Katz, Natalie Osburn, Julie Rowland, Bethany Bacci, and Michelle Meyer.

Putting for Purpose

August 12, 2016 It’s not often you see bowling on the golf course, but you could at the Colwood Golf Center in Northeast Portland on Sunday, August 7. Bowling with…

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Putting for Purpose
Rich Katz (top) watches his wife Barb’s bowling form during one of the hole’s contests.