Knowing it takes courage and commitment to attend the first therapy session, the initial conversation between you and the therapist is one of gathering information. You will talk about the history of your concerns, your previous attempts at addressing them as well as how you and the therapist will actively collaborate.

Your information and sessions are held in strict confidence. A release of information to confer with others or send information to others is required from you except in the event that you are a danger to self or other. Details surrounding the laws of confidentiality (HIPAA) are provided below.

Engaging in therapy demands a commitment of time and finances, but most importantly, it demands a commitment to work hard together.

Client Forms

The first step in the counseling process is to call our offices to do an intake with one of our staff members. After your intake is complete, you will need to fill out new client paperwork. You may do that in office, or, if you are conducting your first visit by video or phone due to COVID-19 concerns, you may send it to us before your first session.

Forms for Your Information Only:

Forms to Download, Complete, and Send:

Once you have your first appointment scheduled, please download the “First Visit Packet” (a fillable PDF form found below). You may print the document, fill them out with a pen, and then mail them to: The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center at 8383 NE Sandy Blvd, Suite 205 in Portland, OR 97220. If you are using insurance, you must also send us a copy of your insurance card (both front and back).

If you wish to complete the forms digitally and submit them online through our secure website, you must follow these instructions carefully, otherwise we will receive a blank document.

To download and fill out the paperwork digitally, you must have the most updated Adobe software, which is free (link below). Once you download the packet onto your desktop, you may complete each form digitally. To save, you will need to choose “File,” then “Save As.” Please keep the name of the original file and include your initials (ex. First-Visit-Packet-JD)When you are finished, click the “Upload Client Documents” button below to upload the documents to our secure client portal. Below are detailed instructions of this process with photos. If you have multiple documents to upload, repeat these steps for each document.

If you have any problems, please email us at [email protected] or call our office at 503-253-0964 and we will assist you!

Download Adobe + Detailed Instructions


To keep our clients and staff safe, we encourage you to use our teletherapy options when you are able. Our therapists are using Google Meet and Zoom, both being HIPAA compliant. Talk with your therapist about which option works best for you.

New to teletherapy? Check out our tips below:

Single Forms:

Please follow the instructions from above for submitting these forms. Remember, you must:

  1. Download the updated Adobe software, and
  2. When saving the filled out PDF paperwork, click “save as.”