Knowing it takes courage and commitment to attend the first therapy session, the initial conversation between you and the therapist is one of gathering information. You will talk about the history of your concerns, your previous attempts at addressing them as well as how you and the therapist will actively collaborate.

Your information and sessions are held in strict confidence. A release of information to confer with others or send information to others is required from you except in the event that you are a danger to self or other. Details surrounding the laws of confidentiality (HIPAA) are provided below.

Engaging in therapy demands a commitment of time and finances, but most importantly, it demands a commitment to work hard together.

The Process:

The first step in the counseling process is to call our offices to do a phone screening with one of our staff members.

After your screening is complete you will be matched with a counselor who best meets your needs. Your counselor will contact you to set up an appointment and answer any initial questions.

At this point, you will need to fill out new client paperwork. Your counselor will send you a link to our client portal, which has all the paperwork ready for you. This paperwork needs to be completed before your first visit. You can fill it out at home, or if you need access to a computer, you may do it in our office in the hour prior to your first appointment. Access our client portal HERE.

Video, Phone, and In Person Available

Depending on your circumstances or preferences, you and your counselor can decide whether you want your sessions to be in our office, by phone, or by video. Our therapists use Zoom or, less often, Google Meet, which are HIPAA compliant for your privacy and protection. Talk with your therapist about which option works best for you.

New to teletherapy? Check out our tips below:

Other Forms: