Special Support

Special Support

July 3, 2018

NCC’s sliding scale for fees ensures anyone in need of mental health services can get them no matter what the financial situation. We couldn’t offer counseling sessions at such a low cost to clients without the support of many wonderful foundations. A special shout-out for some recent generous gifts!!

Jack Giffen, Jr., Spirit Mountain Community Fund Trustee, along with Spirit Mountain Community Fund Executive Director Mychal Cherry (right) present NCC Executive Director Erin Peters with a grant award.

Spirit Mountain Community Fund

Hayu Masi (meaning Many Thanks) for $26,000 to help cover mental health services to lower-income older women.

PacificSource Charitable Foundation

A generous two-year grant of $25,000 will bring mental health services to lower-income older women.

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund

With $26,000, counselors will provide care to any lower-income woman in need.

Storms Family Foundation

$7,000 assures low-income older women get care.