Our Commitment to Community

Our Commitment to Community

November 17, 2016

For three decades The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center has worked for social justice – the idea that we all share a common humanity, have a right to equal treatment, are due a fair allocation of community resources, and are valued in our diversity. Recent events, including hateful and degrading rhetoric, and violent attacks against minorities, call to the Staff and Board of NCC to redouble our commitment and stand firm in our values.

As we move forward, NCC will speak out more on injustice on our website and Facebook pages. We will educate more on mental health issues and those needing help. We will look for public opportunities to show our solidarity with others. We will communicate with every client, supporter, and member of our community that they are valued and safe in our presence. In our waiting room you will find a bowl of safety pins along with these words:

The safety pin has become a symbol of solidarity with all minorities. It means we

Promise we will stand with people of color.

Promise we will protect our fellow LGBTQ family members.

Promise we will watch over the immigrant community.

Promise we will walk in solidarity with women.

Promise we will embrace our Muslim neighbors.

Promise we will protect those with disabilities.

Promise we will welcome the refugee.

We promise to be there for you. Promise you will be there for us, too. We will be stronger together.