All Fun, No Fuss!

All Fun, No Fuss!

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 4.55.31 PMMay 10, 2017

The slogan for the NCC Community Block Party Fundraiser certainly lived up to its billing! 160 people packed the Lagunitas Brewing Community Room in NE Portland to enjoy great beer, local wines, and fabulous food from three local food trucks. The fun had a powerful purpose: the event raised nearly $50,000 to pay for counseling and psychiatric medication management for people in our community without insurance or financial resources.

While people sipped on a chardonnay or IPA, they bought raffle tickets for some great prizes, including an instant wine cellar, week at an oceanfront home at the Oregon Coast, a “stash of cash” with hundreds of dollars in spending money, or a summer of fun activities in the Willamette Valley. Many picked up great gift cards to local restaurants on the “Tasty Treats” wall. A $25 investment won several people $50 or $100 at area favorites like Higgins and Pastini.

Koi Fusion, Home Plate Sliders, and Ramy’s Lamb Shack made sure no one left hungry! Everyone got to choose as many of the delicious choices as they Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 4.56.20 PMwanted, topped off by spectacular desserts by Mary Beth Lynn.

When NCC counselor Brooke Galster-Boston and former client and current supporter JoAnne Paxton George spoke, the room quickly quieted. Both told of challenging and sometimes painful journeys clients make when coming to NCC for help. The happy outcomes each described were made possible by NCC’s sliding scale for people without insurance or with limited financial resources. With compassionate, professional care provided for a little as $5 a session, those listening to the stories could clearly see the importance of sharing blessings with others in need.