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Mark Uhrich (he/him) has been a scientist working for 40+ years for mostly Federal agencies and for the State of Michigan and has authored several scientific papers. He has worked in many office settings throughout his career, which taught him how to adapt and work with diverse personnel and varied work agendas. When Mark retired as a hydrologist for the U.S. Geological Survey in 2014, he became quickly involved with community involvement projects and nonprofit groups. The first was Catholic Charities, where he assisted in Refugee Resettlement. He also sat on the Board of Directors for Lift Urban Portland. This food assistance organization provides high-quality food baskets for low-income and marginalized clients in downtown and NW Portland. Mark also helps serve meals at the Portland Rescue Mission.

Mark has sung for the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Portland for over 20 years and he currently sings in a choir for the Maybelle Community Center in Old Town Portland, where they provide a faith-driven and supportive environment for those alone or suffering from social isolation. Mark says, “Singing in the choir creates a sense of community where all members are shown they have dignity and value and are part of a community that cares about their health and welfare.” Mark learned of the NW Catholic Counseling Center after being invited to a fundraising event. Through the counseling center’s newsletters, Mark became aware of their need for an Administrative Assistant and began helping them in October 2022. Mark states, “It has been a rewarding experience to help all the talented therapists and admin staff here. I feel I am genuinely assisting counselors to keep the programs here running efficiently and within timelines. It’s something I care deeply about it and feel our society today needs more than ever.