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Lu Lu 路 璐 (she/her/they/them) is a Professional Counselor Associate in the state of Oregon.

“I have strong enthusiasm for developing meaningful therapeutic relationships—these relationships are the places where healing and progress take place. Sharing your experiences with someone while dealing with acceptance fosters a true connection and propels the therapeutic process. Within the safety of therapy, you can fully explore your patterns, learn about the elements that influenced your development, and find a balance between loving yourself and correcting patterns that are no longer serving you. Also, I love working with kids through play therapy as a tool to communicate with each other. I have trained and worked with children since I was in my master’s degree learning. I seek to raise awareness of the systems that influence us, such as the social and cultural impact on our lives, and to examine how your identities overlap and interact with your environment.”


Lu Lu can offer therapy in Mandarin and English.

Insurance Accepted: Kaiser, PacificSource