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Kim Trigoso Harvey (she/her/hers) is a Clinical Social Work Associate (CSWA). Kim holds a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from Portland State University and a Master’s in Anthropology from Calgary University. Kim has been working with youth and families for the last 22 years and has an interest in family therapy, focusing on parenting and parent/child relationship issues. Her influences include structural family therapy, client-centered approaches, cultural anthropology, and empowerment and ecological theories. Her bicultural experience and background in anthropology help her incorporate a cultural lens in her work.

“I believe in the richness of cultural heritage and traditions, and the importance of transmission of this cultural knowledge and values from one generation to another. This process happens through the family. I have repeatedly found that family is the most important value and the source of motivation for many of my clients and, therefore, the focus of my work”.

Kim is originally from Lima, Peru, and has lived in Portland, Oregon for 23 years. 

Kim can offer therapy in English and Spanish.