For over 35 years, The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center has provided help and hope to tens of thousands of people. We’ve created a story bank to help former clients tell us about both their struggles and victories and to allow donors to share why they support the Center financially. These stories are completely confidential, and both names and details are changed to protect everyone involved.

Why is this so important? We raise money to pay for the care of those who can’t afford it. By showing foundations and financial supporters the importance of our work, we hope to raise enough money to help anyone who calls, no matter how desperate their economic circumstances. When we share stories about the help and progress of clients, we help others understand how critical this work is.

Additionally, stories from financial supporters are used as testimonials for outreach materials. Many donors want to be assured their donations are well-utilized. Hearing why peers support the Center shows transparency, and encourages others to support our mission in any way they can.

If you are a former client or current donor, please consider telling us something about your journey. If you like, you can give us your name and contact information and we can thank you for your contribution. Even if you include this information, the names and identifying details your story will be changed. Thank you for helping us bring help and hope to all, regardless of faith or finances.

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