Join us for our 22nd Annual Women’s Fall Fundraiser.

22nd Annual Circle of Strength

September 30th 2023 10am-12pm

The Madeleine Parish Hall

Every Fall a group of women gather to raise hope and funds for the counseling needs of low-income women and their children. All the proceeds ensure women and children receive quality and timely mental health services in a caring and compassionate environment.

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE: You have the option to buy a single ticket, half a table of, or a full table.

We will be having an exciting raffle at the brunch that will feature items such as:

Quilts, vacation packages, bundle opportunities, etc!

Circle of Strength would not be possible without generous sponsors!  

Deb Habel and Bruce Gulliver

Marilyn and Tom Fink

Spencer Family Foundation

Christine Tracey

Pacific Seafood

Bustos Media

If you would like to learn about sponsorship email [email protected] or call (503)253-0964.