Thanks for your interest in working at NCC!

Follow your passion – and get paid to make a difference! The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center (NCC) is a completely independent, women-founded and led, family-friendly, warm and welcoming workplace. We are a nonprofit, community mental health center providing counseling and psycho-educational workshops to anyone, regardless of financial resources, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, or background. Rooted in social justice, NCC believes everyone has a right to quality health care. NCC is committed to this mission and making it visible in daily operations.

Operations Manager

In support of NCC’s mission, the Operations Manager is leadership position responsible for ensuring successful day-to-day delivery of mental health services. This position oversees key systems vital to clinic operations, including scheduling, finance, compliance, paneling, referrals, records management, and service expansion. The effective Operations Manager is a team leader and team player who doesn’t mind wearing multiple hats, can work independently, and is organized, creative, and flexible. Read the full job announcement and apply here.

Why NCC?

I like working at NCC because of the caring people, a reasonable case load, and a mission I resonate with. NCC feels designed to run as much as possible to support my work with clients rather than interfering with it.

Tod Fiste, LPC, NCC Therapist

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