Couples Sessions



In three private sessions with a therapist (certified in using the Prepare/Enrich inventory), you and your partner will: identify strengths and growth areas; learn ways to strengthen communication skills and resolve conflicts; identify and manage major stressors; develop a more balanced relationship; and begin to understand personality differences and maximize teamwork.

Once you have registered and paid for the couple sessions (see the buttons below), your therapist will contact you and provide a password for you both to go online and answer the Prepare/Enrich pre-marriage inventory questions. Your therapist will use the information provided by the Prepare/Enrich inventory to tailor your sessions.

After your sessions are complete, your therapist follow up with a letter to the priest/pastor marrying you. Because of the ability to tailor sessions, we highly recommend this option for couples whom this is not a first marriage, couples that have been living together for awhile, and couples who have already started their family.

The cost is $295. There is an additional $35 cost for the inventory that you pay directly to Prepare/Enrich. Register and pay through PayPal below. Or send your name and a check to NCC, 8383 NE Sandy Blvd. #205, Portland, Oregon, 97220.