Giving Tuesday Toolbox

Leading up to Giving Tuesday 2019, get involved with NCC’s Gifting Grace Campaign!

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Sample posts (copy and paste):

Leading up to #GivingTuesday on December 3, NCC will be hosting its first #GiftingGrace campaign throughout the month of November. Get involved by sharing our posts, destigmatizing mental health, and donating! Learn more at: #NCCGivingTuesday2019 #mentalhealthmatters

Help address the dire need for affordable mental health care in our community by participating in @TheNorthwestCatholicCounselingCenter’s #GiftingGrace Campaign this November. Learn more at #GivingTuesday2019 #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthmatters #NCCGivingTuesday2019 #GiftingGrace2019

Mental illness does not discriminate, neither should access to care. Support @TheNorthwestCatholicCounselingCenter in the #GiftingGrace Campaign this November. #GivingTuesday2019 #NCCGivingTuesday2019 #mentalhealthmatters

Our youth face many challenges, particularly with their mental health. #GivingTuesday2019 #NCCGivingTuesday2019 #mentalhealthmatters

Join the movement to make quality and affordable mental health care available to anyone in need. #GivingTuesday2019 #NCCGivingTuesday2019 #GiftingGrace #mentalhealthmatters

🍕 ❤️ Join the $20.19 #GiftingGraceChallenge! Give up a large pizza and donate that 💰to a cause that matters. Donate at! #NCCGivingTuesday2019 #GivingTuesday2019 #mentalhealthpdx

🎥  Give up a night out at the movies and donate that 💰 to a cause that matters. Join the #GiftingGraceChallenge by donating $20.19 at! #NCCGivingTuesday2019 #GivingTuesday2019 #mentalhealthpdx

Join the #GiftingGraceChallenge! Celebrate 33 years of NCC providing life-changing mental health services to all in need by donating $33!  #NCCGivingTuesday2019 #GivingTuesday2019 #mentalhealthpdx

It can be hard to ask for help. Support our clients by joining the #GiftingGraceChallenge! NCC has been providing help and hope for 33 years. Show your support by donating $33 here:  #NCCGivingTuesday2019 #GivingTuesday2019 #mentalhealthpdx

Client Stories

On the outside, it looked like Alayna had it all. But for years, she had bouts of depression that were immobilizing. Read her story: #GiftingGrace2019 #NCCGivingTuesday2019

Sixteen-year old Molly felt crippled from her anxiety, and sometimes had thoughts of suicide, which scared her. Learn how Molly made her way to NCC: #GiftingGrace2019 #NCCGivingTuesday2019

After moving to the US twenty years ago, Juan has made a life for himself and his family in Portland. But with the magnified anti-immigrant rhetoric, he started to have panic attacks. Can Juan quiet his anxious mind? Learn more here: #GiftingGrace2019

After losing her mother, uncle, friend, and cat all in one year, Janelle didn’t think anything could get any worse. But when the weight of her work started weighing on her, she knew she needed help. Read about Janelle’s journey here: #GiftingGrace2019

Share a “Why I Give Video”

Help us tell NCC’s story by making a video of yourself and uploading to our Google Drive . These videos will be posted on our social media pages throughout the Gifting Grace Campaign to highlight our supporters! There is an example in the Drive – check it out!

Create a Facebook Fundraiser for NCC

When our supporters create a Facebook Fundraiser for us, our mission and message can reach so many more people than just NCC’s audience. NCC receives the full donation directly from Facebook. Many charitable giving sites have fees, but Facebook does not charge any fees for donations made to non-profit fundraisers.

Starting a Facebook Fundraiser is simple – go to our “How to Help” page for detailed instructions and tips to make the most out of your Facebook Fundraiser.

For the Gifting Grace Campaign, here are some specific tips:

  •  – Be clear about the timeline and goal for the campaign, November 1 – December 3rd. The Gifting Grace Campaign is a way for people to give a gift to support NCC and maximize the impact for Giving Tuesday.
  •  – Share our giving challenges. Say, “Can you give up two large pizza’s this month and donate that $20.19 instead?”
  •  – Use the infographics and client stories from our Giving Tuesday Toolbox.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Participate in Our Email Campaign

We have five template emails you can send to your email contacts on each Monday of the campaign leading up to Giving Tuesday. Download the document here, and you can copy and paste the text into your email server.

Host a Party with Purpose for NCC

Were you going to have people over for “Friendsgiving”? Have a movie night coming up? Use that opportunity to share the mission of NCC with your friends! Getting together can be so much fun – especially for a good cause.

Host a Party with Purpose during the Gifting Grace Campaign to help us reach our goal of $2,019!

Learn more here, or contact [email protected].

Reach out to your churches, parishes, or other groups:

Hang up and share with people you know and places you go: