We are living through unusual times.
Our physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health is being tested daily. As a client of The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center (NCC), we want you to know we are walking with you as we all navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to share with you how we can continue to work with you, and what additional resources we are offering. Some details may change as we learn more, but our commitment to you will not waver, no matter what the physical or financial circumstances.

When a crisis hits, it can make things harder and overwhelming. Anxiety, depression, trauma, and feelings of distress are common impacts and normal responses in times like these, when we are enduring the COVID-19 pandemic. Brief support can make a huge different in having someone help you navigate through intense feelings and stressors. NCC offers such support with Short-term Crisis Counseling. This counseling is designed as an immediate and limited (4-8 sessions) form of care to support stabilizing, coping skills, and relief. There is an option to continue longer, if you choose.

NCC can bill most insurance companies and we offer a sliding scale fee that is designed to meet all financial situations whether high deductibles/copays or no insurance. We believe professional mental health care is a right and not a privilege.

Call 503-253-0964 today to get the process started.

All of our therapists are offering phone and/or video appointments. We encourage you to schedule this way. We want you and our staff to be safe and healthy. Please do not come into the office if you have had flu-like symptoms in the last 24 hours.

There are many phone and video options available. Talk with your therapist and decide which method and tool works best for you. Beyond the telephone, we can do things like Google Hangout, WebEx, or Skype.

The federal government and insurance companies have offered broad waivers on the rules governing telemedicine. As a result, nearly all remote appointments, no matter what the method, will be allowed and covered. Additionally, newly enacted flexibility in privacy regulations (HIPAA) allows us to use the phone, Google Hangouts, Skype, or WebEx to connect with you. Your therapist can discuss the details if you utilize these options.

If you (or a child) require something special and high-touch for therapy, like a stuffed animal or crayons, please bring your own from home and take it with you when you leave.

We’ve created a second waiting area in our office suite to allow everyone to stay six feet apart.

All magazines, books, and toys have been removed from the waiting room. Please bring something of your own to read or occupy your (or your child’s) time. If you pick up a pamphlet or newsletter to read from the rack, please take it with you.

Candy and multiple pens are no longer on the counter. Please ask if you need something.

We’ve removed tea, sugar, and cups (both tea and water) from public areas. If you would like something, please ask a staff member.

If you don’t come into the office, you can pay your fee by phone or on our website. We use PayPal to securely process payments, but you don’t need to have a PayPal account to do that; you can check out as Guest. Your therapist can also process a payment for you over the phone. And the old-fashioned way works, too – mail a check to 8383 NE Sandy Blvd. #205, Portland, OR 97220

If you have been laid off from your job, lost hours, or are experiencing financial difficulties, please don’t hesitate to talk with your therapist. We will work with you so you can continue therapy.

If, because of concerns about COVID-19, you are conducting your first visit by video, you will need to email or send these documents to us before your first session.

Forms for Your Information Only:

• Welcome/HIPAA Information

Forms to Download, Complete and Send:

Once you have your first appointment scheduled, please download each fillable PDF form. You must have the most updated Adobe software, which is free (click here for the Adobe software). Once you download the fillable PDF, you may complete each form digitally. To save, you will need to “save as” – you may keep the name of the original file. Attach the file to an email (make sure it’s the file that’s filled out!) and email it to [email protected].

You may also print the documents, fill them out with a pen, and then mail them to: The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center at 8383 NE Sandy Blvd, Suite 205 in Portland, OR 97220.

First Visit Packet – Adult

First Visit Packet – Child/Adolescent (to be completed by a parent or guardian)

Other Forms:

• Release of Information