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Aaron (he/him/his) is a graduate counseling student intern earning a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at George Fox University. Several years ago, he and his wife decided that Aaron would be primarily a stay-at-home dad while also running a graphic design business. Through counseling of his own and the help of colleagues and mentors, Aaron is thrilled to have chosen a vocation that encourages creativity and meaningful connection to himself and the community.

Aaron’s experience is primarily in individual counseling with clients working through major life changes, anxiety, relationship issues, grief, loss, and shame. He also is incorporating couples and family therapy into his skill set, as well as substance use and institutional trauma. His clinical approach looks to address culture and systems at work in each client’s life using the language of trauma-informed care. 

“Together we will positively and truthfully address, notice, interpret, and work with the thoughts and emotions you encounter as we gain each other’s trust. My intention is to create a safe, open, and encouraging space for you to explore a personal process of reflection, growth, and healing. I view therapy as a partnership between us which requires active involvement from each of us.”

Insurance Accepted: Aaron does not accept insurance.

Aaron offers therapy in English.