Jason Loverti, LCSW


Jason is a Clinical Social Worker licensed in the state of Oregon. He has a little over a decade of experience providing mental health services to people seeking to make changes in their lives. Jason completed his graduate degree in Clinical Social Work from Loyola University, Chicago in 2006. Since then, he has spent his time developing expertise in individual and family psychotherapy. He has worked in community mental health, hospital and non-profit clinical settings, providing an array of therapeutic services.

Jason views psychotherapy as a holistic process in which individuals, couples and families can reconnect with what is important to them; a process which promotes growth, change and empowerment through relationship.

“I value the unique and diverse reasons by which people come to find themselves in a therapist’s office. Working together, we can develop the understanding and perspective needed to meet the challenges you face and develop solutions unique to what you want and need from life.”